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Starting at Foundations B Set

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Introduce students to the logic behind reading and spelling with the Starting at Foundations B Set!

This set is perfect for students who would like to start the Foundations curriculum and who can blend and segment one-syllable words, know the sounds of a-z and can read CVC, CCVC and CVCC  words. Take our placement test to determine if your child can begin with Foundations B.

Our experts have carefully designed the Starting at Foundations B Set to ensure that young students acquire literacy skills without any knowledge gaps. With the Starting at Foundations B Set, young students will: 

  • Read and spell words with multi-letter phonograms
  • Spell increasingly complex words with spelling analysis
  • Learn two of the nine reasons for a silent final E in English
  • Develop fluency by applying new rules to additional words through fun and engaging games
  • Reinforce single-letter phonograms knowledge as students continue through the lessons
  • Strengthen their comprehension and fluency with the Foundations B Readers and Foundations B Readers: Young Artists Series
  • And more

This set contains a pre-lesson for those new to Foundations and all the core materials that will also be used with Foundations C and D! Since Foundations B also teaches how to write uppercase letters, the Foundations Starting at B Set is sold in TWO versions: manuscript OR cursive.

Check out the Foundations B Online Supplement Planning Guide to see how you can incorporate an online component to your Foundations B lessons! 

*Foundations is an all-in-one language arts curriculum that teaches students ages 4-7 foundational skills to read independently with fun activities and interactive games! 

What’s Included


Core Materials


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