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Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards

  • $ 2800

Cursive and Manuscript Tactile Cards

Colorful cards with a raised, sandpaper texture. Lowercase, uppercase, and numbers are all included. Instructions are printed on the back for teacher reference.

Each set includes 75 cards:

  • 26 lowercase letters
  • 26 uppercase letters
  • 10 numerals
  • The cursive set includes 13 stroke cards: bump, circle, curve, down, drop-hook, drop-swoop, loop, roll, scoop, slash, straight, swerve, swing
  • The manuscript set includes 13 stroke cards: bump, circle, cross, curve, down, drop-hook, drop-swoop, kick, roll, slant, slash, straight, swing

      Product Details

      • 6x4.5 inches
      • Printed on heavy stock
      • Coated for repeated use and durability
      • Sandpaper texture
      • Weight: 11 oz.
      • Cursive SKU: HCHTC
        ISBN 978-1-936706-28-0
      • Manuscript SKU: HMHTC
         ISBN 978-1-936706-29-7

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