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Foundations D Set

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Refine literacy skills with board games, engaging comprehension activities, interactive assessments, children’s literature, informational texts and fun lessons with the Foundations D Set! 

Foundations D Set not only strengthens students’ phonics knowledge but also teaches: 

  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension skills
  • Beginning composition
  • Grammar 
  • Spelling
  • Suffixing rules

The workbook in this set is filled with lots of practice pages that build upon the skills and concepts taught in Foundations A, B and C.

Foundations D Teacher’s Manual is a pick-up-and-use guide that contains step-by-step instructions for group or one-on-one settings. Every lesson includes reading comprehension, spelling and foundational skills instruction. Lessons can be taught in 90 minutes with minimal preparation. 

Foundations D Readers include eight non-fiction books that expand students’ background knowledge and build upon texts in the Foundations D Children’s Literature Set. Foundations D Children's Literature Set is not included in this set but is required to complete Foundations D. 

*Foundations D teaches 9 advanced phonograms and 8 grammar concepts. Add the Grammar Flash Cards and Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards or download free PDF cards to enhance your teaching!

Additionally, consider adding the Foundations D Online Supplement, which contains an abundance of instructional videos, activities and games to reinforce the concepts taught in Foundations D! Use the Planning Guide to explore all of the opportunities to incorporate this resource into your lessons. 

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