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Foundations D Readers

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Phonics-Controlled Readers
that read like real books!

Eight non-fiction readers designed to coordinate with the fiction books that students read in Foundations D. These engaging readers provide students an opportunity to expand background knowledge and make exciting connections between texts.

  • No Sight Words! - when introduced with Foundations D
  • Fascinating, full-color illustrations
  • Engaging non-fiction texts that coordinate with the children's literature used in the lessons
  • Helps students develop background knowledge and make connections between texts
  • Designed for teaching reading across the curriculum
  • Develops academic vocabulary
  • Includes new phonics concepts taught in Foundations D

    Use with Foundations D,  as an addition to another reading curriculum, or just for fun!

    Foundations D Readers

    • The Arctic and the Antarctic: Polar Opposites
    • Baby Birds
    • Bears, Bears, and More Bears
    • Carp: Unexpected Consequences
    • My Nest is Best!
    • Frog or Toad?
    • Many Kinds of Feet
    • Mouse and Mole

      The Foundations D Readers that 
      Coordinate with Children's Literature

      Many of the nonfiction Foundations D Readers were designed to accompany the popular children's books used in the Foundations D lessons by providing background knowledge, insight into plays on words, and enhanced enjoyment of reading as students make connections between texts. The following titles are paired in the lessons:

      For a list of the children's fiction books you will need for Foundations D along with these Readers, see our Foundations D Children's Literature Set

      Product Details

      • 8 individually-bound readers
      • 20 pages each
      • Paperback
      • Full color
      • Weight: 12 oz.
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        ISBN 978-1-936706-17-4
      • Digital download
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      • Includes two versions:
        • Printable version - PDF formatted for printing, with pages arranged two per sheet and ordered so that they can be printed and folded to create a booklet.
        • Digital version - PDF formatted for a tablet, computer, or other electronic device, with one page per sheet in standard order.
      • Product SKU: CFDR1A
        ISBN 978-1-936706-74-7

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      • Available in printed paperback and PDF. Choose the format you want from the drop-down menu above. (Learn about downloads.)

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