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Knitting Knights Phonogram Coloring Book

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Build your student’s phonics skills with the Knitting Knights Phonogram Coloring Book!

From raccoons cooking by the door to turkeys surfing in hurricanes, your children will venture to a world of graphemes and the sounds associated with them!

Without realizing it, children who color the Knitting Knights Phonogram Coloring Book will learn and recognize trigraphs and quadraphs in no time!

Knitting Knights Phonogram Coloring Book features:

  • Clear, playful drawings 
  • 28 color-coded phonograms 
  • My phonogram mastery chart to support your reading curriculum

Suited for ages 4-7, the Whistling Whales Phonogram Coloring Book is an excellent addition to Foundations C.

The multi-letter phonograms in this coloring book are also featured in Knitting Knights: Beyond the Sounds of ABC and the Knitting Knights Phonogram Songs album! 

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1st Edition (2021)

Paperback with perforated pages

28 pages

8.5" x 11"


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