Knitting Knights Phonogram Songs
Knitting Knights Phonogram Songs Knitting Knights Phonogram Songs
Knitting Knights Phonogram Songs

Join turkeys surfing in hurricanes, worried worms, and winded pups as you learn twenty-eight multi-letter phonograms. Jill Pearson's whimsical songs will get you and your students giggling! These songs are best enjoyed along with the Knitting Knights book! While listening and looking at the pages you will discover more of the story behind the quirky images and learn more words with the target phonogram! 

Written & performed by Jill Pearson

Album art illustrated by Ingrid Hess

Albums purchased on the Logic of English Store include song lyrics and a free PDF Parent and Teacher Guide with fun ideas on how to explore the phonograms!

Audio tracks included:

  • Twirling Bird - The sound of IR
  • Turkeys Surf - The sound of UR
  • Earthly Earls - The sound of EAR
  • Worried Worms - The sound of WOR
  • Wrinkly Wrist - The sound of WR
  • Cookies For You  - The three sounds of OO
  • Knitting Knights - The sound of KN
  • Ponies with Mustaches - The two sounds of ES
  • Gnats and Gnomes - The sound of GN
  • Buoyantly Built - The sound of BU
  • Guacamole Rescue - The two sounds of GU
  • The Cat Won't Budge - The sound of DGE
  • Sophie the Sphinx - The sound of PH
  • Weird and Feisty - The three sounds of EI
  • They Have the Key - The two sounds of EY
  • Eight Giraffes - The two sounds of EIGH
  • Receive Receipts - The sound of CEI
  • A Few of the Crew - The two sounds of EW
  • Fine Day for a Cruise - The sound of UI
  • In Katie's Shoes - The two sounds of OE
  • Winded Pups - The three sounds of ED
  • Awkward Hawks - The sound of AW
  • Gaudy Ladies - The sound of AU
  • His Daughter Laughed - The two sounds of AUGH
  • Pixies Ski - The sound of IE
  • Ancient Musicians - The sound of CI
  • Passionate Percussionists - The two sounds of SI
  • Alien Emotion - The sound of TI

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