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Essentials 23-30 Set

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Set your students on the road to reading success with the Essentials 23-30 Set! This set continues to apply everything your students have learned in Units 1-22 while teaching:

  • ti, si and ci - Latin spellings of the sound /sh/
  • Assimilation
  • Compound sentences
  • New morphemes
  • The use of tenses, modifiers and prepositions
  • Dependent clauses

Essentials is not your typical language arts program. It incorporates evidence-based instructions and multi-level practice with age-appropriate games and high-interest texts that can be used to provide an extra challenge or extra practice. 

By the end of Units 23-30, students will have a good grasp of the foundational skills of English.  

With this set, Essentials Units 23-30 will be effortless to teach, easy to learn and fun to practice! Your students will be looking forward to your Essentials lessons every single time!

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