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A Guiding Light in Early Education: Logic of English Foundations

Micheline Phillips

Being an after-school homeschooling family with a primary focus on secondary language acquisition, our journey is uniquely fascinating. Our 4-year-old has been ensconced in a full immersion Spanish school environment since birth; every instruction, word and melody has been in Spanish. Our dedication to early learning remains steadfast, with a vision to nurture a robust linguistic foundation before kindergarten.

However, our commitment to early education spans far beyond language acquisition. Eagerly, we introduced letter sounds and basics. However, we soon found ourselves drowning in a sea of scattered resources and inconsistent worksheets. We yearned for structure, direction and a comprehensive program that could tie in all aspects of language arts. The looming transition to kindergarten added to the pressure, as ensuring a solid foundation, devoid of gaps, became imperative. 

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Enter Logic of English Foundations. This comprehensive English language arts curriculum swiftly became our saving grace. It wasn't just a curriculum; it was an all-encompassing guide to reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting. The simplicity, clarity and depth of the curriculum stood out. We were no longer aimlessly navigating the vast sea of early education. Logic of English Foundations provided the structured road map we desperately sought. Its systematic progression from Levels A through D ensured that every foundational block of the English language was addressed. 

What truly stood out for us was its user-friendly approach. As full-time working parents, we didn't have the luxury of navigating a complex or time-consuming curriculum. Logic of English Foundations was refreshingly straightforward. Each lesson was engaging, well-structured and designed in such a manner that either of us could easily pick up the material and deliver effective instruction. The lessons are designed keeping in mind not just the student but also the educator, ensuring that even those not trained in teaching can deliver the content effectively. 

Our journey with Logic of English Foundations has been nothing short of transformative. It transcended its role as an academic tool, fostering family bonding and turning each lesson into a shared adventure and each accomplishment into collective joy. It has become an indispensable part of our homeschooling odyssey.

As we approach the culmination of our prekindergarten journey, our assurance in our son’s preparedness for the next academic chapter has reached new heights. Through Logic of English Foundations, we’ve watched him blossom in his language arts skills, integrating them harmoniously into his bilingual world. For families in search of a comprehensive, structured and captivating early English language arts curriculum, Logic of English Foundations earns our enthusiastic endorsement. It has unequivocally been a pivotal turning point for us.

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A Multi-Sensory Curriculum for Young Learners

Each level of Foundations contains 40 lessons, 8 assessments, controlled readers, and dozens of engaging games that will help develop a love of reading!

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