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Foundations A Online Supplement

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One-year access begins the day of purchase. This is a supplemental course to the Foundations A curriculum. This course provides early elementary students with 211 instructional videos and over 100 interactive games and practice activities! Correlated to every Foundations A lesson! Use the Foundations A Online Supplement Planning Guide to see how and where to add this on to your Foundations A lessons!

Explore! Create a free account and experience the introduction and one supplemental lesson by going to the landing page and scrolling down to the free modules under Course Contents. Click on the activities to get started today!

*One copy of Foundations A Online Supplement per email account. For help purchasing multiple copies of this supplement please read this article or contact the school team.

What’s Included

Instructional Videos & Online Content

  • Phonogram instruction and practice videos
  • Handwriting instruction videos
  • Spelling analysis videos
  • Doodling Dragons Phonogram Songs videos
  • Interactive phonogram games
  • Interactive phonemic awareness games


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