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Whistling Whales Phonogram Coloring Book

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Learning digraphs and trigraphs will never be more fun for your child than with the Whistling Whales Phonogram Coloring Book!

From a lucky duck driving a truck to chimps at school playing charades, your children will embark on a journey of distinctive sounds and interesting letter combinations!

Without realizing it, your child will learn multi-letter phonograms while coloring their way to mastering systematic phonics!

Whistling Whales Phonogram Coloring Book features:

  • Funny drawings designed to improve focus and recognize phonograms within words
  • 21 color-coded phonograms that combine the joy of learning with the joy of coloring
  • My phonogram mastery chart

Suited for ages 4-7, the Whistling Whales Phonogram Coloring Book would be an excellent addition to Foundations B.

The multi-letter phonograms in this coloring book are also featured in Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC and the Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs album! 


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