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Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs MP3

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Keep your child energized all day long with the Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs!

A complementary resource to your phonics curriculum, Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs engage your child’s imagination with catchy rhythms and steady beats. 

Composed to make learning more engaging, these captivating songs will:

  • Introduce your child to 21 multi-letter phonograms
  • Pave the way to developing strong decoding skills 
  • Improve their phonics and phonemic awareness 

A playful introduction to digraphs and trigraphs, Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs will teach your child sounds that are not commonly taught!

A free song lyrics and PDF Parent and Teacher's Guide are included.

This is a great accompaniment to Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC or a stand-alone way to introduce any child to the phonograms.

Audio tracks included

  • Think About This - The two sounds of TH
  • Sheepish Sharks - The sound of SH
  • Lucky Duck - The sound of CK
  • Knights Fight - The sound of IGH
  • Chimps Play Charades - The three sounds of CH
  • Sheep in the Street - The sound of EE
  • Fiddlers and Farmers - The sound of ER
  • Whistling Whales - The sound of WH
  • Joyous Boys - The sound of OY
  • Robot Voice - The sound of OI
  • Run Away - The sound of AY
  • Snail Mail - The sound of AI
  • Ding Dong - The sound of NG
  • Start the Car - The sound of AR
  • Cora’s Storks - The sound of OR
  • Hopscotch Match - The sound of TCH
  • Cows that Row - The two sounds of OW
  • Pouting Poultry - The five sounds of OU
  • Not Too Tough! - The six sounds of OUGH
  • Stay for Tea - The three sounds of EA
  • Goat Ate My Coat - The sound of OA


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