Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs
Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs
Whistling Whales Phonogram Songs

Whales that whistle, pouting poultry, and fighting knights all come alive in this musical journey! Discover sounds of multi-letter phonograms such as wh, ou, and igh! Jill Pearson's delightful and catchy songs introduce children to the names and sounds of twenty-one multi-letter phonograms! Young children may not even realize that they are learning about reading as they sing along to Sheepish Sharks, Robot Voice, and Goat Ate My Coat!

Written & performed by Jill Pearson
Album art illustrated by Ingrid Hess

Albums purchased on the Logic of English Store include song lyrics and a free PDF Parent and Teacher Guide with fun ideas on how to explore the phonograms!

Audio tracks included:

  • Think About This - The two sounds of TH
  • Sheepish Sharks - The sound of SH
  • Lucky Duck - The sound of CK
  • Knights Fight - The sound of IGH
  • Chimps Play Charades - The three sounds of CH
  • Sheep in the Street - The sound of EE
  • Fiddlers and Farmers - The sound of ER
  • Whistling Whales - The sound of WH
  • Joyous Boys - The sound of OY
  • Robot Voice - The sound of OI
  • Run Away - The sound of AY
  • Snail Mail - The sound of AI
  • Ding Dong - The sound of NG
  • Start the Car - The sound of AR
  • Cora’s Storks - The sound of OR
  • Hopscotch Match - The sound of TCH
  • Cows that Row - The two sounds of OW
  • Pouting Poultry - The five sounds of OU
  • Not Too Tough! - The six sounds of OUGH
  • Stay for Tea - The three sounds of EA
  • Goat Ate My Coat - The sound of OA

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