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Foundations A Teacher's Manual

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Foundations A Teacher’s Manual has everything you need to teach phonics, reading, spelling and handwriting with success! 

This guide is a practical resource that can help anyone teach the building blocks of English! You will no longer need to spend countless hours planning lessons or reviews. Foundations A Teacher’s Manual contains:

  • Scripted lessons to assist you in guiding students successfully
  • Assessments to measure students’ progress
  • Tips for helping students articulate specific sounds
  • High-energy games for practice 
  • Interactive activities to expose children to multiple learning modalities
  • Instructions for group and one-on-one settings
  • And much more

Our scripted lessons can serve as a great starting point for an inexperienced instructor or a guide for an experienced homeschool parent.  For even more support, check out the Foundations A Online Supplement! Use our Planning Guides to effortlessly incorporate this online component and enhance your Foundations A lessons.

*Foundations is a complete phonics, reading, spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, composition and grammar curriculum for ages 4-7.


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