Essentials 8-15 Student Course
Essentials 8-15 Student Course
Essentials 8-15 Student Course

One-year access to everything you need to guide your student through this digital equivalent of Essentials 8-15 Levels A and B!

Second of four courses built for students ages 8 to adult with two levels of practice built in! With you as the guide, your student will navigate through core lesson content videos with prompted auditory participation, written responses, and digital interactions. Then students will practice concepts with easy-to-use online games and activities, while you monitor participation, clarify instructions, and give assessments.

For information about compatibility with multiple students, please read our Help Center article.

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What’s Included:

Instructional Videos & Online Content

  • Phonogram Instruction and practice videos
  • Spelling Analysis videos
  • Core Lesson Content videos
  • Interactive digital games
  • Online dictation practice

Volume-Specific PDFs

  • Unit Assessments and Answer Keys - provided in PDF format for teachers to administer in order to monitor student progress.

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