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Essentials 8-15 Morpheme Flash Cards PDF

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Create your own flash cards or use them on your favorite device! The Essentials 8-15 Morpheme Flash Cards PDF includes two versions. One is formatted for tablet use. The other is designed to print and includes four cards per page.

These flash cards contain definitions, languages of origin and sample words for morphemes such as

  • NESS (Old English): sadness, neatness
  • ING (Old English): marching, waiting
  • OUS (Latin): perilous, continuous

These digital morpheme flash cards are perfect for teaching morphology in group or one-on-one settings.  Color-coded based on the three levels taught in Essentials 8-15, these flash cards will help students master the morphemes.

This digital license is for use by ONE individual. The licensed user may use the file on any device or computer and may print it, but may not sell, share, copy, transfer, or distribute files or prints to people not covered by the license. The file may be shared ONLY with members of the licensed user's immediate family or household.

2nd Edition (2018)

61 cards

236 KB


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