Doodling Dragons ABC Songs | Written by Jill Pearson for Logic of English | Phonograms
Doodling Dragons ABC Songs | Written by Jill Pearson for Logic of English | Phonograms Parent and Teacher Guide for Doodling Dragons ABC Songs Doodling Dragons ABC Songs Lyric Sheets
Doodling Dragons ABC Songs

A musical journey through the sounds of A-Z! Jill Pearson's delightful and catchy alphabet songs introduce children to the names and sounds of the A-Z phonograms! Young children may not even realize that they are learning about reading as they sing along to Hugging Hedgehogs, Minnows with Fins, and Fine and Fancy Fisherman!

Albums purchased on the Logic of English Store include song lyrics and a free PDF Parent and Teacher's Guide with fun ideas on how to explore the letters!

This is a great accompaniment to Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds, or a stand-alone way to introduce any child to the sounds of A-Z.

Audio tracks included:

  • Apples and Ants - The three sounds of A
  • Barking Beagles - The sound of B
  • Circus Clowns - The two sounds of C
  • Doodling Dragons - The sound of D
  • Evil Little Elves - The two sounds of E
  • Fine and Fancy Fisherman - The sound of F
  • Green Giants - The two sounds of G
  • Hugging Hedgehogs - The sound of H
  • Minnows with Fins - The four sounds of I
  • Jittery Jellyfish - The sound of J
  • Klutzy Kitten - The sound of K
  • Licking Lemons - The sound of L
  • Munching Mangos - The sound of M
  • A Nurse Named Nancy - The sound of N
  • Go On Home - The three sounds of O
  • Puppy's Paws - The sound of P
  • Quack Like a Duck - The sound of QU
  • Reindeer Run - The sound of R
  • Skip to the Music - The two sounds of S
  • Trumpeting Toucans - The sound of T
  • Bugle Music Everywhere - The four sounds of U
  • Swerving Vultures - The Sound of V
  • Wishful Wolves - The sound of W
  • Saxophone and Xylophone - The two sounds of X
  • Yodelers Yelling - The four sounds of Y
  • Zebra Sneezes - The sound of Z

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