Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Wall Strip
Manuscript and Cursive wall strip by Logic of English Example of letter Bb wall strip - Strokes on back Cursive example of letter Bb Wall Strip - Stroke directions on back. Example of Wall Strip Packaging for Manuscript Example of wall strip packaging for Cursive Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Wall Strip Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive Wall Strip
Classroom Wall Strips

Provide your students a visual reference for the lowercase and uppercase letters they are learning in Foundations or the Rhythm of Handwriting.

Four lowercase and uppercase letters are written on each strip. Each strip is also perforated between letters so that teachers have the option of separating them. This unique combination of strips and the option to separate into cards facilitates arranging them to accommodate the wall space in your classroom.

On the front of each card, the letter is printed in uppercase and lowercase, with a starting point and direction arrows for each. The strokes for each letter are listed on the back for teacher reference, helping you to reinforce the rhythmic directions that make the Rhythm of Handwriting approach so effective.

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