Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Wall Strip
Manuscript and Cursive wall strip by Logic of English Example of letter Bb wall strip - Strokes on back Cursive example of letter Bb Wall Strip - Stroke directions on back. Example of Wall Strip Packaging for Manuscript Example of wall strip packaging for Cursive Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Wall Strip Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive Wall Strip
Classroom Wall Strips

Enhance your student’s phonics knowledge and handwriting skills with Rhythm of Handwriting Wall Strip!

Anyone who wants to teach handwriting can use these to reinforce the rhythmic directions that make the Rhythm of Handwriting approach so effective. Each card comes with an alphabet letter on one side and a reference on the other for quick recollection of the stroke movements. 

This two-sided alphabet wall strip speeds up the learning process by:

  • Offering the student a visual reference of hand movements
  • Displaying uppercase and lowercase letters in the same sections 
  • Reinforcing their knowledge of letter-sound correspondence

Suitable for all ages and learning environments, Rhythm of Handwriting Wall Strip comes in cursive or manuscript to meet your educational preference. They are detachable to fit in any space and colorful enough to bring joy to your classroom!

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