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Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC

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Familiarize your children with 21 multi-letter phonograms in Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC!

From sheepish sharks washing ships to a man beeping at sheep in the street, your child will meet interesting characters that will help them discover the world of multi-letter graphemes!

Containing 46 pages, 50+ drawings and over 20 catchy phrases, Whistling Whales introduces accurate systematic phonics rules that are not commonly taught, such as:

  • CH has three sounds as in chimp, school and charades
  • EA makes three sounds as in tea, breakfast and bear
  • OW makes two sounds as in cows and row

An engaging introduction to digraphs and trigraphs, Whistling Whales: Beyond the Sounds of ABC builds on the single-letter phonograms introduced in Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds to further develop children's phonics skills.


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