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Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book - Manuscript

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Are you looking for ways to introduce or remediate your student’s handwriting? The Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book is for anyone that wants to teach or learn handwriting!

With complete systematic instruction, this book emphasizes the rhythm of handwriting and engages students visually, auditorily and kinesthetically. 

The Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book also:

  • Aids in muscle-memory development
  • Helps minimize reversals 
  • Reinforces phonics knowledge
  • Eases the transition from large-muscle movement to fine-motor skills
  • And much more

Suitable for all ages, the Rhythm of Handwriting Student Book contains various tools that make learning handwriting fun, enjoyable and unforgettable! From steps to teach handwriting to various line sizes for students to practice their fine-motor skills, this book is everything your student will ever need to master writing! 

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