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Miles and Jax

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Winner of the 2018 Moonbeam Award bronze medal for Juvenile Fiction - Early Reader / First Chapter Books

Entertaining stories for children in Foundations C and other developing readers.

Meet Miles and Jax

Jax is a talking meerkat whose boundless curiosity and enthusiasm tend to get him into tight spots. Thankfully, his human friend Miles is there to help him and teach him everything he needs to know about life. Along the way, their adventures lead to the kind of crazy, hilarious moments that only two best friends can have.

Reading the stories - without memorizing sight words!

Miles and Jax provides four phonics-controlled reading texts used in the first half of level C of Logic of English Foundations.

Kids will love reading about Miles and Jax, whose engaging stories disguise the fact that these are actually phonics readers, carefully designed so that students using Logic of English® Foundations can sound out every word, even those commonly taught as sight words. Building on just a few concepts at a time, these readers help kids cross that magic boundary where reading becomes more fun than work!

This book presents the first four stories about this adventurous pair of friends. Miles and Jax uses new concepts introduced in the first half of Foundations C like the phonograms IR, UR, WOR, and OO, multi-syllable words, and vowels saying a schwa sound in an unstressed syllable.

As they read, students continue to practice applying the phonogram sounds and the spelling rules they learned in Foundations A and B, building fluency with these tools as they read sentences, short paragraphs, and multi-syllable words.

More Miles and Jax adventures

Miles and Jax continue their escapades in Miles and Jax: Master Planners, used with the second half of Foundations C (lessons 101-120).

Required With

PDF Lessons

Miles and Jax Lessons for Foundations C, eight lessons using the Miles and Jax texts, are now available for purchase as a PDF! These lessons may be used with Miles and Jax as supplemental activities for those using the Foundations C Teacher’s Manual 1st Edition, or as stand-alone reading comprehension lessons. These lessons are included in the Foundations C Teacher’s Manual 2nd Edition, published in June of 2018.

For those using the 1st Edition Foundations C Teacher’s Manual

The original Foundations C Teacher’s Manual does not schedule Miles and Jax, but you can still use it! Each chapter is designed to be read after completion of a specific lesson in Foundations C, and every word in each chapter can be sounded out successfully using phonograms, spelling rules, and language concepts that have been taught by that point in Level C. 

Chapter 1: Miles and Jax - after Lesson 85
Chapter 2: Miles and Jax Go to the Playground - after Lesson 90
Chapter 3: Miles and Jax Clean Up - after Lesson 95
Chapter 4: Miles and Jax Go Camping - after Lesson 100

If you would like to add the new Miles and Jax Lessons for Foundations C, with reading comprehension questions and spelling games using these readers, you can purchase them as a PDF (see above).

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