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Knitting Knights: Beyond the Sounds of ABC

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Improve your child’s reading skills with Knitting Knights: Beyond the Sounds of ABC!

From birds twirling in skirts and shirts to turkeys surfing in hurricanes, your child will meet unforgettable characters that will help them:

  • Identify graphemes
  • Learn the letter-sound correspondences
  • Further develop phonemic awareness skills

With Knitting Knights, your child will discover that:

  • EI makes three sounds: reindeer, weird, feisty
  • AUGH makes two sounds: taught, laugh
  • EIGH makes two sounds: eight and height

Designed to teach accurate systematic phonics, Knitting Knights introduces 28 digraphs, trigraphs and quadgraphs.

*The single letters of the alphabet do not tell the whole story of English. Discover all 75 phonograms in Doodling Dragons, Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights


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