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Foundations C Teacher's Manual PDF

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Access the Foundations C instructions and lesson plans from any electronic device with the Foundations C Teacher’s Manual PDF!

From scripted lessons to assessments to interactive games and practice, you will find instructional tools need to teach your students:

  • 28 multi-letter phonograms
  • 15 eye-opening spelling rules
  • 300+ high-frequency words
  • Fluency
  • Beginning composition skills
  • Common affixes

Unlike Foundations A and B, Foundations C is NOT a starting point for the Foundations curriculum. Take our placement test to determine if your students should start in Foundations A or Foundations B.

For even more flexibility, consider adding the Foundations C Online Supplement. Full of instructional videos, activities and games, this add-on reinforces concepts and enhances the learning experience. Learn how and when to incorporate this resource with the corresponding Planning Guide.

*Foundations C Teacher’s Manual comes in a PDF format: for tablet and print.

This digital license is for use by ONE individual. The licensed user may use the file on any device or computer and may print it, but may not sell, share, copy, transfer, or distribute files or prints to people not covered by the license. The file may be shared ONLY with members of the licensed user's immediate family or household.

3rd Edition (2019)

328 pages

11 MB


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