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Foundations D Student Workbook

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LOE Foundations: A Complete Phonics and Reading Curriculum
for Ages 4-7

The Foundations Level D Student Workbook provides a colorful array of games and learning opportunities to engage your student in fun, multi-sensory activities that lay a complete foundation for reading, handwriting, and spelling.

Foundations D Student Workbook - Lessons 121-160

  • Student activity pages for lessons 121-160 of Foundations
  • Timed fluency practice with passages that students will enjoy reading
  • Colorful suffixing chart
  • Interesting comprehension activities that expand on the Foundations D Readers
  • More creative fluency games
  • Comprehension activities that promote problem solving and critical thinking
  • Suffixing and affixing games
  • Copywork practice related to the Foundations D Readers
  • Three handwriting line sizes to accommodate varying student abilities
  • Creative activities to guide students into writing complete sentences
  • Colorful templates for composition

More About Foundations D

  • Build on the phonics, spelling, reading, language, and handwriting skills introduced in levels A-C of Foundations (lessons 1-120)
  • Read classic children's books and nonfiction Foundations readers
  • 6 new spelling rules, including suffixing rules
  • Advanced Phonograms
  • Fun activities develop speed and accuracy
  • Develop comprehension skills for reading fiction and nonfiction texts, including inferencing, main idea, sequencing, identifying the elements of a story, and more
  • Practice drawing connections between texts
  • Beginning composition activities
  • Create posters, lists, summaries, letters, and books
  • Use morphemes to improve spelling and develop vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension texts introduce students to series of books like Little Bear, Dodsworth, and Ling and Ting
  • For students who have completed Foundations C

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    Recommended for

    • Ages 5 to 8 (after completing Foundations C)
    • As a phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar curriculum for Grades 1-2
    • As a complete language arts curriculum for Grades 1-2
    • Young struggling readers
    • Students with dyslexia

    Prerequisites for Level D

    What else do I need to teach Foundations D?

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      Handwriting Style

      • Foundations D Workbook is printed in only ONE version. Student samples are in bookface, and students practice the handwriting they have learned.
        • Lowercase letters are taught in Foundations A.
        • Uppercase letters are taught in Foundations B.

      Product Details

      • High-quality paperback
      • Full color
      • Perforated pages for easy tear-out
      • 287 pages
      • Weight: 1.8 oz.
      • Product SKU: CFDW1P
        ISBN 978-1-936706-39-6
      • This product is no longer available as a Single Student/Family License PDF. Learn more.

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