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Foundations B Readers

  • $ 1200

Phonics-Controlled Readers

No Sight Words!

Delightful fictional stories that are easy for beginners to read. With clear, consistent phonics rules which are introduced in the Foundations B curriculum, students can read 100% of the words in these stories without any guessing or sight words! 

  • No Sight Words! - when introduced with Foundations B
  • Fascinating, full-color illustrations
  • Full sentences
  • Engaging fiction stories
  • New phonics concepts such as silent final E and multi-letter phonograms
  • Natural language and a story line!

Foundations B Readers

  • Fred the Frog
  • Max
  • Toys Play!
  • Can Pete Pick a Pet?
  • Quite a Farm!
  • Kids Just Want to Have Fun
  • Time to Bake
  • My Best Game

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Additional B Readers: The Young Artist Series

Looking for more? For those interested in providing more reading practice for their Foundations B students, our new Foundations B Readers: The Young Artist Series are a great option! Each of the eight books in this series, written by Kimber Iverson and illustrated by a young artist in our community, is controlled for the phonograms and rules that have been taught at a particular point in Foundations B. 

Product Details

  • 8 individually-bound readers
  • 8 pages each
  • Paperback
  • Full color
  • Weight (set of 8): .5 lb.
  • Product SKU: CFBR1P
    ISBN 978-1-936706-79-2
  • This product is no longer available as a PDF. Learn more.

Ordering Information

These are the same readers that were included in the back of the 1st edition of the Foundations B Workbooks. They are now sold separately and are not included in the Foundations B workbooks. 

Both editions of the workbook are compatible with any Foundations B Teacher's Manual. 

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