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Basic Phonogram Flash Cards

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Basic Phonogram Flash Cards

Edition 2

75 basic single-letter and multi-letter phonogram flash cards. Complete with sample words and spelling aids for quick teacher reference. A staple of our Foundations and Essentials programs, these cards are also ideal for any classroom teacher, homeschool parent, private tutor, or anyone who wants to learn these essential building blocks of English.

  • 25 single-letter phonograms
  • 50 multi-letter phonograms. Includes a new card for the phonogram ES!
  • Spelling hints included on the back
  • Sample words for each sound on the back for teacher reference

What Are Phonograms?


May be used with any edition of any Logic of English curriculum. Earlier editions do not address ES as a phonogram or teach the fifth sound of OU.

You may also use the older Basic Phonogram Flash Cards with newer editions of the curriculum. Add the fifth sound of OU to your card and add a card for ES.

Product Details

  • 4.5 x 6 inch cards
  • Printed on heavy stock
  • Coated for repeated use and durability
  • Weight: 13 oz.
  • Product SKU: SBPFC2
    ISBN 978-1-942154-25-9
  • This product is no longer available as a PDF. Learn more.

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