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Essentials 23-30 Morpheme Flash Cards

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The Essentials 23-30 Morpheme Flash Cards contain 47 cards that aid students in learning the morphemes taught in Essentials Units 23-30. Though these flash cards are designed to support the Logic of English Essentials curriculum, they may be used to supplement any language arts program. 

With the Essentials 23-30 Morpheme Flash Cards, students will learn morphemes such as

  • ION (Latin): action, suspicion, expression, division
  • EN/EM (Greek, Latin, Old French): encourage, empower
  • PARA (Greek, French, Italian): paragraph, parachute

The front of each card has one morpheme, while the back shows sample words, the language of origin and definitions for quick reference.

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1st Edition (2018)

Heavy stock coated for repeated use and durability

47 cards

4.5" x 6"


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