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Essentials 16-22 Morpheme Flash Cards

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Looking for a simple yet fun tool to teach morphology? If you are, the Essentials 16-22 Morpheme Flash Cards are exactly what you need.

These flash cards can serve as a practice tool for roots and affixes. The Essentials 16-22 Morpheme Flash Cards are ideal for any learning environment, whether that is in-person classes, homeschooling or tutoring!

These color-coded flash cards contain definitions, sample words and language of origin for morphemes like:

  • PHONE (Greek): microphone
  • ABLE/IBLE (Latin): traceable, accessible
  • PLAT (French): platform, plateau

Although the Essentials 16-22 Morpheme Flash Cards are designed to be used with Essentials 16-22, they can also be used as a vocabulary supplement with any language arts program.

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1st Edition (2018)

Heavy stock coated for repeated use and durability

53 cards

4.5" x 6"


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