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The Sail Box - PDF

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The Sail Box

Young Artist Series: Reader 3

The stories in our new Young Artist Series provide additional reading practice for children using Logic of English Foundations B, in addition to the Foundations B Readers and the reading activities in the lessons. Each reader features a story by children’s author Kimber Iverson and illustrations by an emerging young artist.

The Sail Box

  • Illustrated by Savannah Parkinson
  • Designed to be read at any point after Lesson 55 of Foundations B
  • PDF

Foundations Readers

Logic of English readers have fun, interesting stories and pictures, but something significant is missing . . .  sight words!  Rather than teaching kids to memorize these words by rote, Logic of English teaches them how to read them, providing answers to questions such as:

  • Why is there a silent E at the end of haveEnglish words do not end in V. 
  • Why does the O in go say its long sound? A, E, O, and U usually say their long sounds at the end of a syllable.

Research shows that when students are taught phonograms and spelling rules, their reading and spelling skills improve dramatically.

More about the Young Artist Series  

Build confidence in your developing readers with real books they can read successfully—and inspire them with what young people can do! Colorful, creative, and varied in style, the student artwork in these fun new readers is sure to delight.

The illustrations for the different readers in this series are in various stages of development. The readers will be released one at a time as they are completed. Learn more.

Product Information

  • See user license information below
  • Downloadable PDF format in a ZIP file. Includes two versions:
    • Printable version - PDF formatted for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Use the printer settings for double-sided printing, and short-edge binding or flipping, to make the pages appear in the right order. Fold in half to make a booklet.
    • Tablet version - PDF formatted for use on a tablet, computer, or other electronic device.
  • 14 pages
  • Full color

PDF License

Single Student/Family License - This digital license is for use by ONE student or the members of ONE immediate family, including parents, children, and grandparents.

If you are teaching additional students, you must purchase an additional Single Student/Family License for each student. For use in a classroom setting, a volume discount is available; contact us for more information.

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