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Phonogram MP3 Download

Phonogram MP3 Download

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Logic of English Phonogram MP3

Hear and learn the phonogram sounds!

The Logic of English Phonogram MP3 is an audio pronunciation guide to the 74 basic and 35 advanced phonograms described in Uncovering the Logic of English, by Denise Eide, and taught in Logic of English curriculum.

This is not an audiobook. Rather, it is a supplemental tool to aid students and teachers in pronouncing the phonograms and learning their sounds. This resource is particularly helpful for English language learners who may still be learning the pronunciation of English sounds.

It contains audio tracks for:

Product Information

  • Downloadable MP3s in a ZIP file
  • Publication date: 2011

Update note:

Logic of English has added three additional basic phonogram sounds since the time of this recording, based on their usage in commonly encountered words. They are:

  • The third sound of I: /ĭ-ī-ē-y/, as in radio
  • The second sound of X: /ks-z/, as in xylophone.
  • The fifth sound of OU: /ow-ō-ö-ŭ-ü/, as in could.  

MP3 License

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