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Morpheme Flash Cards - Set 2

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Pre-Release PDF Download

This is a digital, pre-release version of an incomplete, in-development product. Pre-release lessons are available in a downloadable PDF format for those who would like to begin teaching Essentials Volume 2 before development is finished and the printed books and final PDF files are released. Learn more about pre-release PDFs below.

Current file information

Product: Morpheme Cards, Set 2: Pre-Release PDF
Lessons currently included: Morphemes for Essentials lessons 16-21
File format: PDFs in a .zip file
Files updated: August 18, 2017

About Pre-Release PDFs 

Pre-release files are downloadable PDFs that are available for purchase before the products are fully edited and complete. They contain fully written lessons (initially, Lessons 16-18) that have been edited and are in a nearly-final, usable form, but they will go through additional rounds of editing before we go to press.

When you purchase pre-release files, you gain access to what is currently available as well as the additional lessons and final edits that will be added as we finish the product. Once we release Volume 2, it will be as if you had purchased the final PDF version of this workbook after it was released. 

As we update the files with additional sections and corrections, everyone who has already purchased the PDF will receive an email notifying them that an updated version is available and providing a download link for the newest version of the product.

This will continue until the final, fully edited PDF files for Essentials Volume 2 are available, at which point everyone who has purchased Pre-Release files will have access to the final PDF files.

Two other new items, also available in Pre-Release PDFs, are needed for Volume 2:

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Everyone who orders the Volume 2 PDFs while they are in Pre-Release versions will receive a coupon for 65% off the printed versions of the Essentials Volume 2 materials, in addition to access to the final PDF files! 

Discount coupon eligibility:

  • Logic of English webstore orders only
  • Minimum purchase: pre-release PDFs of Essentials Volume 2 Teacher’s Guide and Workbook
  • PDF order must be placed before pre-release sales end (when Volume 2 printed books go on sale)
  • We will email you a coupon code for 65% off Volume 2 materials that is valid through Dec. 31, 2017.
  • The coupon code and download links will be sent to the email address on your order, so please make sure it’s correct!

About Essentials 2nd Edition, Volume 2 

IN DEVELOPMENT. Printed copies and final PDF files to be released in late 2017.

In the second half of Essentials, lessons 16-30, students learn the remaining phonograms and spelling rules not taught in the first half of the lessons (Volume 1). As they dig into how these tools work, they apply the skills they are learning to analyze the spelling of new words, learn dozens of additional grammar concepts, and explore new roots, prefixes, and suffixes in the words they have learned.

Three levels of application allow you to customize the level of difficulty as you continue through Essentials. Level C includes 31 advanced phonograms and dozens of new Greek and Latin roots and affixes. Learn more about Volume 2.

About these Flash Cards

The Morpheme Flash Cards, Set 2 introduce the roots, prefixes, and suffixes taught in Essentials Lessons 16-30 Vocabulary sections. 

Designed for use with Logic of English Essentials Volume 2, our Morpheme Flash Cards may also be used as a vocabulary supplement for any language arts program.

  • Color-coded to match the three levels of instruction found in Essentials 2nd Edition lessons
    • Blue - Level A
    • Green - Level B
    • Orange - Level C
  • Definition, sample words, and language of origin included on the back 
  • Approximately 100 cards (final number TBD)

PDF License

Copyright Notice: Our digital downloads come with a limited reproduction license. Licensed users may use the files on any device or computer and may print them, but may not sell, share, copy, transfer, or distribute files or prints to people not covered by the license.

Single Teacher License: This digital license is for use by only ONE teacher. Multiple teachers in the same school or multiple parents in the same co-op must each have their own purchased license.

Learn more about Logic of English PDFs.

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