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Miles and Jax: Master Planners - Annual Classroom PDF

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New! Entertaining stories for children in Foundations C and other developing readers.

Meet Miles and Jax

Miles and his best friend Jax never stop planning new schemes and adventures. From investigating a mystery to building an epic treehouse, the ongoing escapades of an irrepressible talking meerkat and his clever, loving human continue in this delightful sequel to Miles and Jax.

Reading the stories - without memorizing sight words!

The second book in the Miles and Jax series, Miles and Jax: Master Planners provides phonics-controlled reading texts for the second half of Foundations C. 

Kids will love reading about Miles and Jax! Their engaging stories disguise the fact that these are actually phonics readers, carefully designed so that students using Logic of English® Foundations can sound out every word, even those commonly taught as sight words. Building on just a few concepts at a time, these readers help kids cross that magic boundary where reading becomes more fun than work!

This book presents four more stories about this adventurous pair of friends. Designed to provide additional reading practice alongside the Foundations C Readers, Miles and Jax: Master Planners uses new reading and phonics concepts introduced in Foundations C like the phonograms EY, DGE, EW, and AU, why lazy O sometimes says /u/, the rule "C always softens to /s/ before E, I, or Y," and several more reasons for a silent E.

As they read, students continue to practice applying the phonogram sounds and spelling rules they learned earlier in Foundations, building fluency with these tools as they read sentences, short paragraphs, and multi-syllable words.

Contents and Foundations C Lesson Pairings

Chapter 1: Miles and Jax Solve a Crime - after Lesson 105
Chapter 2: Miles and Jax Build a Treehouse - after Lesson 110
Chapter 3: Miles and Jax Make a Surprise - after Lesson 115
Chapter 4: Not a Mere Cat - after Lesson 120

The stories in the first book, Miles and Jax, correspond to the first half of Foundations C (lessons 81-100).

Lesson correlation for each chapter is also listed in the back of the book for teacher reference.

Recommended With

  • Foundations C. Each chapter is designed to be read after completion of a specific lesson in Foundations C. Every word in each chapter can be sounded out successfully using phonograms, spelling rules, and language concepts that have been taught by that point in Level C. 
  • Also a great reading option for children in Foundations D and any other developing readers who are learning accurate phonics tools for sounding out English words.

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