Foundations C Online
Foundations C Online
Foundations C Online

One-year access to everything you need to teach Foundations C at home! 

This parent-directed online course includes digital copies of the Teacher's Manual, Student Workbook, Readers, Miles and Jax, Knitting Knights, and Core Materials. 

Interspersed in each lesson are videos to support teaching phonograms and spelling analysis and new interactive activities to support student learning. Additional videos and interactive activities will be added throughout the coming months. Users will have access to all new content as it becomes available!

Foundations C builds systematically on skills students have learned in levels A and B. Therefore, it is not a starting point for the Foundations program. 

Since students learned how to write the lowercase and uppercase letters in Foundations A and B, in the Foundations C Workbook the samples are in bookface font. Students complete exercises in whatever handwriting style they have learned previously. A Copywork Supplement for Foundations C is available to model handwriting for students who need additional support.

What’s Included:

Instructional Videos & Online Content

  • Phonogram Instruction and practice videos
  • Spelling Analysis videos
  • Interactive Games

Volume-Specific PDFs

Core Materials as PDFs

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