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Foundations B Teacher's Manual - 1st Edition

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Logic of English has recently released a new edition the Foundations B Teacher's Manual. It includes prompts to read each new phonogram's page in Whistling Whales when the phonogram is introduced. The overall content and flow of the lessons has not changed.

The 1st edition Foundations B Teacher's Manuals are now on clearance while supplies last. They are first-quality hardcover books that are compatible with any printing of the Foundations B Student Workbook. 

About the Foundations B Teacher's Manual, 1st Edition

The pick-up-and-teach Foundations Teacher's Manuals guide you through everything you need to introduce students ages 4-7 to reading and writing!

Foundations B Teacher's Manual

  • Carefully designed lessons that help you explain concepts like syllables, schwa, and silent final E's while learning alongside your students
  • Uppercase handwriting instruction for both manuscript and cursive included
  • Instructions for 39 phonogram games
  • Engaging fluency games that get kids up and moving
  • Guided assessments
  • Materials lists
  • Teacher tips that help you to answer student questions
  • Spelling Analysis lists with guides for marking words and sample scripting
  • Clearly laid out objectives
  • Easy to teach! No training required!

    More about Foundations B

    • Learn to write the uppercase letters in cursive or manuscript
    • Match uppercase and lowercase letters
    • 21 new multi-letter phonograms
    • 8 spelling rules
    • Learn about schwa and why it happens so often in English
    • 296 new high-frequency words and the tools for reading and spelling thousands of additional words
    • 2 reasons for a silent final E
    • Read one-syllable words with a long vowel sound
    • Identify the medial vowel in a word
    • Read and comprehend simple sentences
    • Fun and engaging games

    Learn More

      Recommended for

      • Ages 4 to 7
      • Any student age 7 or under who has completed Foundations A or who has strong phonemic awareness skills, knows all the sounds of A-Z, and can write the lowercase letters
      • As a phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar curriculum for Grades K-2
      • As a complete language arts curriculum for Grades K-2
      • Beginning readers
      • Young struggling readers
      • Students with dyslexia
      • Early readers ready to learn why English words are spelled the way they are

      Prerequisites for Level B

      • Foundations A  or
      • Students age 4-7 who know how to:
        • blend separate sounds into words auditorily
        • segment words into their individual sounds auditorily
        • identify all the sounds of A-Z
        • sound out unfamiliar CVC and consonant-blend words like win, clap, and lost
        • write the lowercase letters comfortably from muscle memory 

      If you are starting Foundations at B rather than continuing from A, see Starting Foundations with children who are already reading and What materials do I need to start at Foundations B? for guidance on starting the program at this level.

      Handwriting Style

      • The Foundations A and B Teacher's Manuals include instructions for teaching BOTH manuscript and cursive.
      • The Foundations A and B Workbooks are sold in TWO versions, manuscript and cursive. Choose the version that matches the handwriting style you are teaching. 
      • Learn why we recommend beginning with cursive.

      What else do I need to teach Foundations B?



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      • Compatible with any Foundations B Student Workbook
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