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Foundations B Readers: Young Artist Series - Annual Single Teacher PDF 2019-2020

Foundations B Readers: Young Artist Series - Annual Single Teacher PDF 2019-2020

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The Young Artist Series: Eight new readers for Foundations B

The stories in our new Young Artist Series provide extra reading practice for children using Logic of English Foundations B, in addition to the original Foundations B Readers and the reading activities in the lessons.

Each reader features a story by children’s author Kimber Iverson and illustrations by an emerging young artist. Each one is designed to fall at a different point in Foundations B, so that every word of the reader can be sounded out using phonograms and spelling rules students have learned at that point.

Titles in this Series

  1. Stan and His Skunk - illustrated by Megan Pearson (lesson 46)
  2. Ben Has a Fright - illustrated by Anna Carlson (lesson 51)
  3. The Sail Box - illustrated by Savannah Parkinson (lesson 56)
  4. Kate Needs a Drink - illustrated by Belle Alderman (lesson 61)
  5. Cole and His Bike - illustrated by Savannah Parkinson (lesson 66)
  6. Gwen Gives a Gift - illustrated by Margaret Slater (lesson 71)
  7. The Corn Maze - illustrated by Anna Carlson (lesson 76)
  8. Meg Makes a Fort - illustrated by Kaylie Brase (lesson 80)

Foundations Readers

Logic of English readers have fun, interesting stories and pictures, but something significant is missing . . .  sight words!  Rather than teaching kids to memorize these words by rote, Logic of English teaches them how to read them, providing answers to questions such as:

  • Why is there a silent E at the end of haveEnglish words do not end in V. 
  • Why does the O in go say its long sound? A, E, O, and U usually say their long sounds at the end of a syllable.

Research shows that when students are taught phonograms and spelling rules, their reading and spelling skills improve dramatically. Each Logic of English Reader is designed to come at a particular point in phonics instruction so that students can sound out every word, strengthening their fluency, confidence, and comprehension!

More about the Young Artist Series  

Build confidence in your developing readers with real books they can read successfully—and inspire them with what young people can do! Colorful, creative, and varied in style, the student artwork in these fun new readers is sure to delight. Learn more about how the Young Artist Series readers were created.

Product Information

  • 8 readers
  • 14 pages each
  • Full color
  • Downloadable PDFs in a ZIP file - 16.3 MB
  • Printable version - PDF formatted for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Use the printer settings for double-sided printing, and short-edge binding or flipping, to make the pages appear in the right order. Fold in half to make a booklet.
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  • ISBN: 978-1-942154-71-6

    Ordering Information

    The Young Artist Series readers are designed to provide optional extra reading practice for Foundations B, in addition to the eight Foundations B Readers used in the lessons. 

    We recommend including the Young Artist Series readers for any Foundations B student who is still developing reading fluency. See the list of titles above to see where each one fits into the lessons. They're also a great resource for any developing reader! 

    PDF License

    Copyright Notice: Our digital downloads come with a limited reproduction license. Licensed users may use the files on any device or computer and may print them, but may not sell, share, copy, transfer, or distribute files or prints to people not covered by the license.

    Annual Single Teacher License: This digital license is for use by only ONE teacher with his/her direct students. Multiple teachers in the same school must each have their own purchased license. This license expires on July 31, 2020.

    Learn more about Logic of English PDFs.

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