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Foundations A Complete Set

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LOE Foundations: Reading, Phonics, Spelling and Handwriting for ages 4-7

Discover why so many kids beg for "Dragon School"!

Provide your students with a fun, multi-sensory experience learning to read and write that engages their senses, works naturally with their desire to wiggle and play, and lays a strong foundation for reading and writing success.

Foundations A Complete Set 

Everything you need to teach the first level of Foundations, including reusable supplements you'll use all the way through the curriculum!

In addition to the Teacher's Manual and Student Workbook for level A, the complete set includes all the durable supplements that are used throughout the Foundations curriculum. With this package, you are ready to open and teach Foundations!

What is Taught in Foundations A (Lessons 1-40)?

  • Learn all the sounds of A-Z
  • Develop phonemic awareness skills, including blending and segmenting one-syllable words
  • Identify initial and final sounds
  • Learn to read and spell short vowel CVC words
  • Learn to read and spell consonant blends
  • Students create 6 delightful readers
  • Learn to write lowercase A-Z in either manuscript or cursive
  • Cursive or manuscript handwriting modeled in the workbook
  • Learn to read 87 high-frequency words and learn tools for reading hundreds more
  • Develop fluency
  • Early comprehension skills

Foundations is Recommended for

  • Ages 4 to 7
  • As a phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar curriculum for Grades K-2
  • As a complete language arts curriculum for Grades K-2
  • Young struggling readers
  • Young students with dyslexia
  • Early readers


  • Spoken English skills
  • Interest in sounds, letters, and learning to read 

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Handwriting Style

  • The Foundations A Teacher's Manual includes instructions for teaching BOTH manuscript and cursive.
  • The Foundations A Complete Set is sold in TWO versions, manuscript and cursive. Choose the handwriting style you are teaching in the drop-down menu above.
  • Learn why we recommend beginning with cursive.

What is Included?

Ordering Information

  • Choose either the Manuscript or the Cursive version of this set.
  • Both the Teacher’s Manual and the Student Workbook are needed to teach Foundations.
  • Handwriting instruction is also incorporated into Foundations, so it is not necessary to purchase The Rhythm of Handwriting separately.

Teaching Multiple Students?

This set includes everything needed for one teacher and one student. Each additional student will need:

If teaching more than four students:

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After Completing This Level

After completing level A, you will need:

Children typically spend about four months to a year on Foundations A, depending on the age and prior knowledge of the student. Preschoolers starting Foundations will often spend up to a year on level A, while students who already have some prior phonics knowledge or have begun to read before beginning Foundations will often move more quickly through level A (and, in some cases, B) before spending more time on higher levels.

The "right" pace through the curriculum varies by student and setting, but it's common for students to complete Foundations levels A-D in 2-3 years. 

Product Details

Set weight: 8 lbs.

Teacher's Manual:

  • 2nd Edition (2019). Compatible with any Foundations A Workbook. 
  • Hardcover
  • Full color
  • 248 pages

Student Workbook:

  • High-quality paperback
  • Full color
  • Perforated pages for easy tear-out
  • 230 pages 

Foundations A Readers

  • 6 student-created readers
  • Located in the back of the Foundations A Student Workbook
  • Students tear them out, cut out the pictures, and glue the pictures in place as a comprehension activity to create their first readers

Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds

  • Hardcover
  • Full color
  • 56 pages

Product SKUs:

  • PFASSC2 (Cursive set)
  • PFASSM2 (Manuscript set)

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