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Essentials Upgrade Set - Volume 1, Lessons 1-15

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Moving from Foundations or the original edition of Essentials?  

The Upgrade Set provides the new items you need to teach the first half of Essentials (Lessons 1-15) in a discounted bundle. This set is designed for customers upgrading from the older 1st edition of Essentials (2012) or continuing from Foundations, who already have most LOE supplements.

Continuing from Foundations

If you have the supplements in the Foundations AB and CD Complete Sets, you'll need only this set plus a Spelling Journal. See a list of other needed materials below.

Continuing from Essentials, 1st Edition (2012)

Depending on what year you purchased your Complete Set, this set will be all or most of what you need. See a list of other needed materials below.

Essentials Highlights: Multi-Level Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary

  • Full-color Teacher's Guide
  • Updated and expanded, with differentiated instruction
  • Three levels of spelling, vocabulary instruction, and grammar practice
  • Discovery-based instruction
  • Engaging activities
  • Meaningful practice
  • Scripted lessons
  • Extensive helps and teacher tips
  • Phonograms
  • Spelling Rules
  • Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
  • Efficient vocabulary instruction with prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots

What is included?

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Essentials 2nd Edition is recommended for:

  • Ages 8 to adult
  • Anyone who wants to learn why English words are spelled the way they are
  • As a spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for Grades 3-6
  • Struggling readers age 8 and up
  • Struggling spellers age 8 and up
  • Students with dyslexia
  • ELL reading and spelling instruction
  • Students who have completed Essentials 1st edition - if wanting to review the material a second time with more advanced spelling words and vocabulary
  • Students continuing from Foundations who are ready to go deeper with the phonograms and rules, build spelling mastery, and learn grammar and new vocabulary concepts


  • None

Other Materials Needed

You will also need all of the following items to teach Essentials. (If you don't have these items already, we recommend the Essentials Vol. 1 Complete Set instead, since it includes the items in this Upgrade Set set as well as all the supplements.)

To teach the second half of Essentials, Lessons 16-30, you will need the Teacher's Guides, Workbooks, and Morpheme Cards for these lessons, available individually or in a discounted set. And once you finish Lesson 30, you can re-use the whole curriculum again with one of the more advanced levels of spelling lists and application! Learn more about Essentials 2nd Edition Volume 2.

Continuing from Foundations?

If you have all of the supplements in the A-B and C-D sets, just order this package and the Spelling Journal. When you finish lesson 15, you'll need the materials for the second half of Essentials. After lesson 30, reuse the whole curriculum again for greater mastery with the more advanced levels of application!

Teaching multiple students?

Each additional student will need:

Optional Reader

If you are teaching a struggling reader age 8 or above, you may also wish to add:

Handwriting Styles

  • Students may complete Essentials 2nd edition lessons with either cursive or manuscript handwriting; the sample text is in a standard bookface font to allow greater flexibility.

Students who Struggle with Handwriting

Lessons 16-30

The second half of Essentials is printed in two sets of lessons: Lessons 16-22 and Lessons 23-30. Items for these levels can be purchased individually or in discounted sets. Learn more about the second half of Essentials.

Product Information

Product SKU: PE2USP2 - Essentials Upgrade Set - Volume 1 (Lessons 1-15)
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Essentials Teacher's Manual

  • 632-page
  • Full-color
  • Casebound textbook

Essentials Student Workbook, Lessons 1-7

  • 118 Pages
  • Paperback

Essentials Student Workbook, Lessons 8-15

  • 208 Pages
  • Paperback

Morpheme Flash Cards, Set 1 

  • 111 cards
  • Heavy coated stock
  • Roots, prefixes, and suffixes taught in Lessons 1-15

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