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Essentials Student Workbook, 2nd Edition, Vol. 1 - Annual Classroom PDF

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Everything you need to teach

Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary

The Essentials Student Workbooks provide the student pages for hundreds of games and critical thinking activities from the Essentials Teacher's Guide. Engage your students in learning how English really works!

Essentials Student Workbook, Second Edition, Vol. 1

Licensed for use by one teacher with up to 40 students for one year.

  • Not your typical workbook!
  • Discovery-based learning activities
  • Phonogram games
  • Spelling analysis
  • Editing practice
  • Grammar activities
  • Vocabulary development
  • Three levels of difficulty allow you to differentiate instruction for multiple levels of students simultaneously
  • Clean and simple page layout minimizes visual distraction

About Volume 2

The second half of Essentials 2nd Edition, Volume 2, is currently in development and scheduled for release later in 2017. Learn more about Volume 2.

    More About Essentials

    • Discovery-based instruction
    • Meaningful practice
    • Engaging activities
    • Scripted lessons
    • Extensive helps and teacher tips
    • Accurate and complete phonics instruction
    • Phonograms
    • Spelling Rules
    • Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
    • Efficient vocabulary development by learning morphemes
    • Differentiated instruction with three levels of spelling and vocabulary

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    Recommended for

    • Ages 8 to adult
    • Anyone who wants to learn why English words are spelled the way they are
    • As a spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for Grades 2-6
    • Older struggling readers
    • Older struggling spellers
    • Students with dyslexia


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      What else do I need to teach Essentials?

      Both the Teacher’s Guide and the Student Workbook are needed to teach Essentials.

      You will also want all of the instructional supplements included in the Essentials Vol. 1 Complete Set. These materials are significant components of the program; most are used multiple times in every Essentials lesson. They include:

      Teaching multiple students?

      Each additional student will also need:

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          • 320 pages
          • Black and white
          • Downloadable PDF
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          • ISBN: 978-1-936706-91-4 

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          Limited Reproduction Annual Classroom License: This digital license is for use by only ONE teacher with up to 40 of his/her direct students. Multiple teachers in the same school must each have their own purchased license. This license expires on July 31, 2018.

          Printed workbooks are also available.

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