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Essentials Teacher Set, Volume 1

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Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary

All the teacher materials needed to teach Essentials! Add the student consumables and reusable student supplements and you're ready to go.


Essentials Teacher Set is recommended for:

  • Second through Fifth Grade Teachers beginning Logic of English Essentials with their students for Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading
  • Middle School Teachers beginning Essentials as a course in the structure of written English, to teach English morphology, or to strengthen reading and spelling skills
  • Tutors, Special Education Teachers, and Reading Specialists working with ages 8 to adult
  • ELL Teachers using Essentials for the reading, spelling, and grammar portion of English language instruction
  • Learn more about using Essentials in your setting

    What's Included?

    Teacher Materials

    Student Consumables - teacher copy

    You can also order these teacher material together with student supplements and workbooks for 20 students in the Essentials Volume 1 Complete Classroom Starter Set, or with materials for one student in the Essentials Volume 1 Complete Set. Save 10% when you buy a Complete Set! 

    What Else Will I Need?

    Student Consumables

    Student Supplements - Reusable

        Optional Add-On Programs

        The Essentials Reader

        A reading comprehension supplement for struggling readers age 8 or above.

        The Rhythm of Handwriting

        Cursive or manuscript handwriting instruction

            Students may complete Essentials 2nd edition lessons with either cursive or manuscript handwriting; the sample text is in a standard bookface font to allow greater flexibility. The Phonogram Game Cards (sold separately) come in manuscript and cursive so that students can practice using the handwriting style they are learning.

              Essentials Highlights

              • Differentiated instruction
              • Three levels of spelling and vocabulary
              • Discovery-based instruction
              • Engaging activities
              • Meaningful practice
              • Scripted lessons
              • Extensive helps and teacher tips
              • Phonograms
              • Spelling Rules
              • Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
              • Efficient vocabulary instruction with prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots

                Learn More

                Volume 2

                Volume 2 of Essentials is currently in development and tentatively scheduled for release in 2017. Learn more.

                Product Details

                Set SKU: PE1TS
                Weight: 12 lb.

                Essentials Teacher's Guide, Vol. 1

                • 632 pages
                • Full color
                • Casebound textbook
                • Second edition

                Essentials Student Workbook

                • 320 pages
                • Black & white
                • Perforated pages
                • Paperback
                • Second edition

                Logic of English Cursive & Manuscript School Fonts © David Occhino Design.

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