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Essentials Complete Classroom 20-Student Starter Set, Volume 1

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Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary

Everything you need to teach Essentials with up to 20 students! Save 10% on all teacher and student materials.

SKU: PE1CSS20 - Essentials Complete Classroom Starter Set, Volume 1 - Cursive
SKU: PE1MSS20 - Essentials Complete Classroom Starter Set, Volume 1 - Manuscript

The Essentials Complete Classroom Starter Set is recommended for:

  • Second through Fifth Grade classes beginning Logic of English Essentials as their main ELA curriculum for Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading
  • Middle School classes beginning Essentials as a course in the structure of written English or to strengthen reading and spelling skills
  • Remedial Reading or Spelling classes for ages 8 to adult
  • ELL classes using Essentials for the reading, spelling, and grammar portion of English language instruction
  • Learn more about using Essentials in your setting

    What's Included?

    This set includes everything you need to teach the first semester of Essentials to 20 students - at 10% off!

    Teacher Materials

    Student Supplements - Reusable

    Student Consumables - student copies plus one teacher copy

    When you are ready to teach the second semester, you will only need to add the Volume 2 Teacher's Guide, Workbooks, and Morpheme Cards (coming in 2017). 

    Teaching More than 20 Students?

    For additional students, add: 

    Optional Add-On Programs

    The Essentials Reader

    A reading comprehension supplement for struggling readers age 8 or above.

    The Rhythm of Handwriting

    Cursive or manuscript handwriting instruction

      Essentials Highlights

      • Differentiated instruction
      • Three levels of spelling and vocabulary
      • Discovery-based instruction
      • Engaging activities
      • Meaningful practice
      • Scripted lessons
      • Extensive helps and teacher tips
      • Phonograms
      • Spelling Rules
      • Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
      • Efficient vocabulary instruction with prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots

        Handwriting Style

        • Students may complete Essentials 2nd edition lessons with either cursive or manuscript handwriting; the sample text is in a standard bookface font to allow greater flexibility.
        • Choose your second deck of Phonogram Game Cards, using the drop down menu above, according to which handwriting style the students are using.

        Learn More

        Volume 2

        Volume 2 of Essentials is currently in development and tentatively scheduled for release in 2017. Learn more.

        Product Details

        Essentials Teacher's Guide, Vol. 1

        • 632 pages
        • Full color
        • Casebound textbook
        • Second edition

        Essentials Student Workbook

        • 320 pages
        • Black & white
        • Perforated pages
        • Paperback
        • Second edition

        Complete Set weight: 66 lb.

        Logic of English Cursive & Manuscript School Fonts © David Occhino Design.

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