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Doodling Dragons Phonogram Coloring Book

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Teach the ABCs with the Doodling Dragons Phonogram Coloring Book!

From biking mice and wishful wolves to puppy’s paws in purple skates, your children’s imaginations will reach new horizons.

Without realizing it, children will learn all the sounds of A-Z and how to decode unfamiliar words while coloring one of their favorite books!

This 26-page coloring book has been designed to improve your child’s decoding and spelling skills by teaching them all the sounds of the 26 letters.

 This Phonogram Coloring Book contains:

  • 100+ drawings designed to enhance your child’s creativity
  • 26 color-coded phonograms
  • My phonogram mastery chart

Suited for ages 4-7, Doodling Dragons Phonogram Coloring Book is a great addition to Foundations A.

The A-Z phonograms are also featured in Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds and the Doodling Dragons ABC Songs album! 


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