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Doodling Dragons: Audio Book MP3

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An ABC Book of Sounds

A whimsical journey through the sounds of A-Z in a delightful audiobook!

Our playful ABC book, read aloud by storyteller Jim Weiss! As your children page through the book and listen to its playful rhymes, sound and rhythm engage them in discovering all the sounds of A-Z.

While children delight in the sounds and in illustrator Ingrid Hess's whimsical artwork, parents will discover more about the Logic of English. (Did you know? Y makes four sounds: yell, mystery, type, baby!)

When children learn all the sounds made by each letter, they take a giant leap toward becoming strong readers and spellers. This playful introduction to the sounds of the alphabet opens the door to reading and is certain to be a read-aloud favorite.

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  • About Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds
  • Since the colorful illustrations and printed letters are integral parts of Doodling Dragons, we recommend this audio book as a read-aloud accompaniment for the printed book rather than as a substitute for it. 

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Audio Book

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