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Phonogram & Spelling Game Book

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    Phonogram and Spelling Game Book, 1st Edition 
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    Active and fun ways to drill phonograms and practice spelling

    Too often teachers do not provide students with adequate practice to achieve mastery because we assume that drill is boring. The activities in this book are meant to break that myth and demonstrate that it is possible to drill while respecting students’ need for variety and fun.

    • 39 Phonogram Games
    • 9 Phonogram Card Games
    • 37 spelling games and activities
    • Ideas for all ages!
    • Templates included
    • Many active games that get kids up and moving
    • Multi-sensory

    Teachers may copy the masters included in the Appendix for use by their direct students.

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    Suggested Additional Materials

    Most phonogram card games are designed for groups of two to four players and require two contrasting decks of game cards.

    Recommended with:
    • Essentials, 1st Edition (2012) - the original edition of Essentials did not include games in the Teacher's Manual and instead suggested use of this Game Book as a source for games.
    • Any systematic phonics program or other reading and spelling curriculum! The Game Book is a great way to provide fun and engaging practice with phonograms, reading, spelling words, and handwriting.

    Optional with:

    • Foundations and Essentials - the Game Book is not required with our current curriculum, since each teacher's manual contains dozens of games. However, it can be useful as a source of additional practice ideas.
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    • Digital download 2MB
    • Product SKU: SPSGBA
      ISBN 978-1-936706-55-6
    • 96 pages
    • Publication date: 2011
    Printed (no longer available)
    • We have sold out of printed copies of our 2011 Phonogram & Spelling Game Book (ISBN 978-1-936706-11-2).
    • We plan to develop an updated and expanded LOE Game Book in the future. In the meantime, the current Phonogram & Spelling Game Book will continue to be available as a PDF.
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