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Cursive Wall Strip

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By popular demand - LOE handwriting strips for your classroom wall!

Our colorful new Wall Strips provide a visual reference for the lowercase and uppercase letters students are learning in Foundations or The Rhythm of Handwriting. The Cursive Wall Strip set includes 26 letter cards, each with uppercase and lowercase letters.

Each strip in the set includes four cursive letters. Fold and perforate to use them individually, or hang the whole strip on the wall as a group. On the front of each card, the letter is printed in uppercase and lowercase, with a starting point and direction arrows for each. The strokes for each letter are listed on the back for teacher reference, helping you to reinforce the rhythmic directions that make the Rhythm of Handwriting approach so effective.

  • Full color 
  • 7 strips with 4 perforated cards per strip
  • 28 cards: front cover, 26 letters, back cover
  • Lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Rhythm of Handwriting strokes for each letter
  • 8" x 8" individual cards / Total length 17'
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.
  • Product SKU: HCWS
    ISBN 978-1-952154-86-0

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