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Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Student Book - Annual Classroom PDF 2018-2019

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Manuscript Handwriting Curriculum

Licensed for use by one teacher with up to 40 students for one year.

Develop fluid handwriting in students of all ages.

Letters are taught using a multi-sensory approach that begins with large-motor movements. Clear instructions provide students with an understanding of how to write each letter and where it is placed on the lines. Shortened, bold instructions emphasize the rhythmic motions needed to develop fluid handwriting.

  • Clear, rhythmic directions
  • Multi-sensory instruction
  • Easy to teach
  • Ideal for students of all ages
  • Sounds of each of the A-Z phonograms included
  • Letters are grouped by initial stroke to develop muscle memory
  • Variety of line sizes so that students can practice with the size that best fits their hand
  • Uppercase, lowercase, and numbers included
  • Tips for teaching handwriting
  • Fun ideas for handwriting practice to help students develop fluency and muscle memory
  • Plenty of practice pages with individual letters and words

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        • 236 pages
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        • ISBN 978-1-936706-54-9

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