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Foundations C Readers

  • $ 1600

Phonics-Controlled Readers
that read like real books!

These fascinating non-fiction readers introduce students to topics in science and social studies, teaching them to read for content while they continue to master new phonics skills. With clear, consistent phonics rules which are introduced in levels A, B, and C of the Foundations curriculum, students can read 100% of the words in these stories without any guessing or sight words! 

  • No Sight Words! - when introduced with Foundations C
  • Fascinating, full-color illustrations
  • Short paragraphs
  • Engaging non-fiction texts that you can build a unit study around
  • Natural language - you would never guess these are phonics controlled!
  • Develop reading comprehension skills such as finding the main idea, inferencing, and determining the meaning of an unknown word from context
  • Develop academic vocabulary
  • Practice reading new phonics concepts taught in Foundations C
  • These are the same readers that were included in the back of the 1st edition of the Foundations C Workbooks. They are now sold separately and are not included in the current, 2nd edition Foundations C Workbooks.

    Use with Foundations C, as an addition to another reading curriculum, or just for fun!

    Foundations C Readers

    • Trains
    • Firefly
    • Kids Can Do Great Things
    • Ostriches
    • Robots
    • Dolphins
    • Ha Long Bay
    • Rickshaws

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    Product Details

    • 8 individually-bound readers
    • 10 pages each
    • Paperback
    • Weight (set of 8): .6 lb.
    • Full color
    • Product SKU: CFCR1P
      ISBN  978-1-942154-05-1
    • This product is no longer available as a Single Student/Family License PDF. Learn more.

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