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Miles and Jax Lessons for Foundations C

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NEW! Miles and Jax Lessons for Foundations C

Reading comprehension, fluency, spelling practice, writing

A delightful set of bonus lessons for Foundations C using our phonics readers Miles and Jax and Miles and Jax: Master Planners. Now included in the Foundations C Teacher’s Manual! 

About These Lessons

Each of the eight lessons explores one chapter of Miles and Jax or Miles and Jax: Master Planners and is designed to come at a specific point in Foundations C when students have learned all the phonics tools they need to read that chapter - with no guessing or memorized "sight words!" Students play a spelling game using words they have learned about through spelling analysis in recent Foundations C lessons and that will appear in the Miles and Jax reading, building spelling skills while strengthening reading fluency. The script then guides you through an engaging reading comprehension lesson, followed by a writing activity.

These lessons are now included in the Foundations C Teachers’ Manual, but they are available separately for those who are using the 1st edition of the C Teacher’s Manual. They can also be used to add reading comprehension and spelling activities for any child reading the Miles and Jax books. 

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  • 34 pages
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  • ISBN: 978-1-942154-67-9
  • Recommended with: Foundations C. May also be used as free-standing lessons 

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