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Doodling Dragons ABC Songs

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NEW! Doodling Dragons ABC Songs!

A musical journey through the sounds of A-Z

Based on Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds, by Denise Eide

Twenty-six playful and fun songs introduce children to the names and sounds of the A-Z phonograms! 

When children learn all the sounds made by each letter, they take a giant leap toward becoming strong readers and spellers. Young children may not even realize that they are learning about reading as they sing along to "Hugging Hedgehogs," "Minnows with Fins," and "Fine and Fancy Fisherman"! 

Jill Pearson's delightful and catchy alphabet songs will make learning the letter sounds fun for the whole family.  Doodling Dragons ABC Songs is a great accompaniment to Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds, or a stand-alone way to introduce any child to the sounds of A-Z. 

Sample Song (paired with pages from Doodling Dragons!)

 Hear more samples below!


  • Based on the book Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds, written by Denise Eide and illustrated by Ingrid Hess
  • 26 songs, each introducing the name and sounds of a letter
  • LOE Exclusive! Download also includes a free PDF Parent and Teacher's Guide with all the sounds of the A-Z phonograms, ideas for ways to explore the sounds and letters as you listen to each song, and a copy of the delightful lyrics to make it easier to sing along! Available only when purchasing the album from the Logic of English Store.

Product Details

  • Audio download with PDF Parent and Teacher's Guide (see Digital Download License requirements below)
  • 26 MP3s and one PDF in a ZIP file. Note: if using a mobile device, you may need to download the file to a computer, open the ZIP file, and then transfer song files to your phone or tablet if your mobile device is not equipped to open ZIP files.
  • File size: 26.8 MB
  • Run time: 21:11
  • Product SKU: DDASMP
  • The songs are now available through online music providers and on-demand music services such as iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon, Google, and more!

Track Titles

  1. Apples and Ants - The three sounds of A
  2. Barking Beagles - The sound of B
  3. Circus Clowns - The two sounds of C
  4. Doodling Dragons - The sound of D
  5. Evil Little Elves - The two sounds of E
  6. Fine and Fancy Fisherman - The sound of F
  7. Green Giants - The two sounds of G
  8. Hugging Hedgehogs - The sound of H
  9. Minnows with Fins - The four sounds of I
  10. Jittery Jellyfish - the sound of J
  11. Klutzy Kitten - the sound of K
  12. Licking Lemons - The sound of L
  13. Munching Mangos - The sound of M
  14. A Nurse Named Nancy - The sound of N
  15. Go On Home - The three sounds of O
  16. Puppy's Paws - The sound of P
  17. Quack Like a Duck - The sound of QU
  18. Reindeer Run - The sound of R
  19. Skip to the Music - The two sounds of S
  20. Trumpeting Toucans - The sound of T
  21. Bugle Music Everywhere - The four sounds of U
  22. Swerving Vultures - The sound of V
  23. Wishful Wolves - The sound of W
  24. Saxophone and Xylophone - The two sounds of X
  25. Yodelers Yelling - The four sounds of Y
  26. Zebra Sneezes - The sound of Z

More sample songs, paired with pages from Doodling Dragons!

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