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Foundations B Student Workbook 20-Pack

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Reading and Phonics Curriculum
Ages 4-7

20 workbooks, bulk discount - save 10%!

The Foundations Level B Student Workbook provides a colorful array of games and learning opportunities to engage your students in fun, multi-sensory activities that lay a foundation for reading, handwriting, and spelling.

Foundations B Student Workbook

  • Variety, fun, and games!
  • A wide variety of activities to promote fluency, such as The Silent E Machine
  • Engaging sentence-level comprehension activities
  • Choose a cursive or manuscript version!
  • Four handwriting line sizes to accommodate student ability and preference
  • Colorful, engaging illustrations

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Recommended for

  • Ages 4 to 7
  • As a complete language arts curriculum for Grades K-2
  • Beginning readers
  • Young struggling readers
  • Young students with dyslexia

Prerequisites for Level B

  • Foundations A or
  • Students age 4-7 who know how to:
    • blend separate sounds into words auditorily
    • segment words into their individual sounds auditorily
    • identify all the sounds of A-Z
    • sound out unfamiliar CVC and consonant-blend words
    • write the lowercase letters comfortably from muscle memory

What else do I need to teach Foundations B?

Teacher Materials (available individually or in the A-B Classroom Teacher Set and the B-C-D Classroom Teacher Set)


Reusable Student Materials (available individually or in a 4-Student Supplement Pack for Foundations A-B or for Foundations B-C-D)

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Product Details

  • High-quality paperback
  • Full color
  • Perforated pages for easy tear-out
  • 236 pages
  • Second Edition
  • Readers now sold separately
  • Compatible with any Foundations B Teacher's Manual
  • 20-pack SKU: Cursive CFBCW2P20, Manuscript CFBMW2P20
  • ISBN: Cursive 978-1-936706-34-1, Manuscript 978-1-936706-35-8
  • Weight (20-pack): 31.5 lb.

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