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Essentials 8-15 Student Workbook

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Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary

This Essentials Student Workbook provides the student pages for hundreds of games and critical thinking activities from the Essentials Teacher's Guide, Lessons 8-15. Engage your students in learning how English really works!


Essentials Student Workbook, Lessons 8-15

  • Not your typical workbook!
  • Discovery-based learning activities
  • Phonogram games
  • Spelling analysis
  • Editing practice
  • Grammar activities
  • Vocabulary development
  • Three levels of difficulty allow you to differentiate instruction for multiple levels of students simultaneously
  • Clean and simple page layout minimizes visual distraction

    More About Essentials

    • Discovery-based instruction
    • Meaningful practice
    • Engaging activities
    • Scripted lessons
    • Extensive helps and teacher tips
    • Accurate and complete phonics instruction
    • Phonograms
    • Spelling Rules
    • Parts of speech, punctuation rules, capitalization rules
    • Efficient vocabulary development by learning morphemes
    • Differentiated instruction with three levels of spelling and vocabulary

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    Recommended for

    • Ages 8 to adult
    • Anyone who wants to learn why English words are spelled the way they are
    • As a spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program for Grades 2-6
    • Older struggling readers
    • Older struggling spellers
    • Students with dyslexia


    After these lessons

    Continue to Essentials Lessons 16-22 and 23-30 


    This workbook is compatible with lessons 8-15 in both the Essentials Teacher's Guide, Vol. 1 (2015) and the Essentials Teacher's Guide, Lessons 8-15 (2018).  

    Page numbering note: Essentials Lessons 1-15 were previously combined in one workbook. The page numbers from the previous Volume 1 Workbook are printed in parentheses at the bottom of each page in this book for those who are using the 2015 Essentials Teacher's Guide Volume 1 for Lessons 1-15.  

      What else do I need to teach Essentials?

      Both the Teacher’s Guide and the Student Workbook are needed to teach Essentials. You will also need the Morpheme Flash Cards for Lessons 8-15.

      You will also want all of the instructional supplements included in the Essentials 1-7 Complete Set. These materials are significant components of the program; most are used multiple times in every Essentials lesson. They include:

      Teaching multiple students?

      Each additional student will need:

      Ordering Information

      • Order the Complete Set and save 14%!
      • Both the Teacher's Guide and the Student Workbook are needed to teach Essentials.

      Product Details

      • 205 pages
      • Paperback
      • Black/White
      • Weight: 1.25 lb.
      • Product SKU: CE2WB2P
      • 20-Pack SKU: CE2WB2P20
        ISBN: 978-1-942154-36-5
      • This product is no longer available as a Single Student/Family License PDF. Learn more.

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