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Sounding Out the Sight Words

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A Guide to Teaching the Dolch Words through Phonics

Sixty-six instant lessons for parents and teachers

Sounding Out the Sight Words introduces the phonetic concepts at work in the 220 Dolch words and 95 Dolch nouns — a total of 315 of our most common words — in sixty-six simple lessons. With these tools students are prepared to sound out not only the words in the Dolch list but also thousands of additional words. Each lesson is designed for a busy parent or teacher to deliver in two to ten minutes, simply by reading aloud the brief lesson on the back and helping the student sound out the sample words on the front.

With the methodical approach in these lessons, you can deliver sound instruction while refreshing your own understanding of the concepts necessary to read these common words, providing expert coaching as your student learns to read and spell with ease.

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Optional Resources

The following Logic of English supplements are helpful for use with these lessons. 

Digging Deeper

The concepts in these short lessons are taught and applied more thoroughly, along with the rest of the tools needed to read and spell 98% of English words, in Logic of English Foundations and Essentials curriculum. 

Sounding Out the Sight Words is designed as a resource for those who do not currently have the opportunity to use Logic of English curriculum but want to start children off on the right foot in reading by teaching students how to read and spell these common words.

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  • 175 pages
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  • Digital Download. Adobe Reader, Preview, or compatible PDF reader required. 3.1 MB
  • Single-teacher license. See license details below.
  • 175 pages
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    PDF License

    Copyright Notice: Our digital downloads come with a limited reproduction license. Licensed users may use the files on any device or computer and may print them, but may not sell, share, copy, transfer, or distribute files or prints to people not covered by the license.

    Single Teacher License: This digital license is for use by only ONE teacher. Multiple teachers in the same school or multiple parents in the same co-op must each have their own purchased license.

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    For PDF users: tips for printing this book

    If you are purchasing the PDF and would like to print out Sounding Out the Sight Words, the following tips may be helpful.
    These instructions are also provided within digital version of the book, on page 15.

    Printing the Entire Book

    For ease of use, Sounding Out the Sight Words is designed to be printed as a booklet, double-sided and bound on the long edge. The two halves of each lesson are on separate sheets and oriented in opposite directions, so that with the booklet between the student and adult, the student can look at the Student Side of each lesson right-side-up while the teacher or parent reads the lesson on the Teacher Side.

    On most printers, you can achieve this layout by choosing Short Edge Binding on your printer settings for double-sided printing and starting with Page 1 (or an odd-numbered page). Then hole punch, bind, or staple your book along the long edge.

    If you would like to have all the Introduction pages oriented the same way, like the top and bottom pages of a wall calendar instead of rotated like the lessons, print pages 1-14 separately with Long Edge Binding.

    Printing Individual Lessons

    If you would like to print individual lessons one at a time and would like them double-sided, with the Teacher Side and Student Side on opposite sides of the same sheet, make sure to choose an even-to-odd page range (such as 18-19), since lessons start on even-numbered pages with the Student Side. Set your printer to Short Edge Binding so that the text will be oriented the same way on each side of the page.

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