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Introducing: Revised, updated, and clarified Grammar Flash Cards.

Get an updated set for free when you order the Essentials Volume 2 Set by April 8th!

The Grammar Flash Cards, 3rd Edition, are updated to include new grammar material taught in the second half of Essentials, which we printed this year. Several concepts are entirely new; others have been clarified or expanded. Many other cards are unchanged.

The new cards are now available for purchase. Everyone who orders (or has already ordered) the Essentials Volume 2 Set by April 8th, 2018 will receive an updated set for free!

We also have a PDF of the new cards for those who would like to print out updates instead, as well as a 50% coupon on the Grammar Cards when purchased with Essentials 16-30 materials.

Q & A ...

Why did you change the cards?

New material:
As Denise reworked the lessons Essentials in preparation for publishing the expanded, multi-level 2nd edition, particularly in the second half that we published this year, she restructured the grammar lessons to include some new concepts, such as verb aspect and complex sentences. We've added new cards that teach these concepts.

We revised the wording or examples on a number of existing cards in order to make them simpler, more accurate, or more complete. For example, we expanded the definition of a Statement (card 9.7) to provide information about what a statement does as well as how it is punctuated:

Has anything else changed?

Yes, the numbering of the cards has changed in some places. The new numbering reflects the content in the current set of cards. You can see a chart with the numbering for the 3rd edition cards, with notes about what has changed and which cards are new.

How often do these updates happen?

Not very. This is the first major update to our Grammar Flash Cards since we published the first edition in 2011. The second edition, published in 2013, had updated formatting and some minor wording clarifications.

Do I need the updated cards if I'm teaching Foundations or the original 2012 edition of Essentials?

No, the earlier sets of cards will work fine for both Foundations and the older edition of Essentials.

Is the new 3rd edition set of Grammar Cards compatible with Foundations or the original 2012 edition of Essentials?

Foundations: Yes. All of the Grammar Flash Cards used in Foundations D are compatible and have the same numbering as the cards in the older set. We are now selling the new cards in the Foundations C-D Set.

Essentials: Yes, with occasional adjustments. The card numbering will sometimes differ from the number listed in the Essentials 1st Edition Teacher's Manual, so you will want to verify that you have the right card for the concept you are teaching if you are teaching the older edition of the curriculum with the new cards. In a few places there will be clarified wording; we recommend using the wording on the new cards if you have them. A few cards from the old set are no longer included, because they are not as useful and are no longer taught in Essentials; when introducing one of these concepts from the older edition, write the rule on the board (the text is is the Teacher's Manual).

What if I want to update to the new cards but miss the opportunity to get them for free?

The free update PDF below includes a set of the new and revised cards that you can use to print updates. Through August 31, 2018, you can also save 50% off a whole new set when you purchase them with Essentials 16-30 materials; see coupon information below.

Keep in mind that you'll only need the updated cards if you are teaching the 2nd edition of Essentials (2015/2018), not with the original 1st edition (2012) or Foundations.

Will you be including the new cards with Lessons 1-15 of Essentials?

Yes. We added them to the Volume 1 Set in March, as well as to the Foundations C-D Set.

If I already pre-ordered the Volume 2 Set before you announced this, will I still get free cards?

Yes! We shipped them to you with your 23-30 materials.

Why are you giving away sets of the new cards for free?

Many people purchased our Grammar Flash Cards with the first half of Essentials and are now continuing to the second half. We wanted to give those who have been using Essentials and waiting for lessons 16-30 an opportunity to get the most up-to-date cards at no additional cost. We are very thankful for those who have been waiting so patiently for Volume 2!

Download a PDF of updated cards

See what's new and print out updated cards with our FREE update PDF! File includes three sections, so that you can print only the cards you want to:

PDF Download: 3rd Edition Grammar Flash Card Updates

Buy the updated Grammar Cards for 50% off with Essentials 16-30

Through August 31, 2018

If you are purchasing your Essentials 16-30 materials individually, or purchasing the Volume 2 Set after the free Grammar Card promotion ends, add the Grammar Flash Cards to your cart along with your Essentials items and use the coupon code when checking out on the LOE Webstore.

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